About TrendZ

If you want to battle, battle with your talent...education, not weapons!  The time is now, let’s make a difference!!!   Put the weapons down! Stop the Violence! ​   


Be a TrendZ setter "STAND UP"!


The purpose of  Trendz TV Show is to bring awareness to an issue that affects the "Y"  Generation. the Biggest being VIOLENCE!


Trendz TV show uses music as the pillar of communication amongst youth in America to express themselves differently and battle lyrically on a national television show gaining exposure to approximately 20 million viewers not easily accessible to the unsigned artist in all genres of music.  


Over the past four years, Trendz has offered numerous unsigned singers, rappers, dancers, models, poets, comedians, and entrepreneurs in the entertainment industry the opportunity to gain national exposure.  ​



Trendz TV Show is a family-friendly show that recognizes young adults and organizations for outstanding work in their communities that bring awareness to the Stop the Violence Movement.​ 


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